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These pilots know the way to beat terrorism

EAST AFRICA (BP)–Less than 24 hours after the terrorist strikes on America, two missionary pilots in east Africa take to the air. Their destination: one of the poorest countries in the world, where Christians are heavily persecuted.

The two former Air Force fighter pilots talk back and forth during the flight about the attacks. Both feel a strong need to do something to fight terrorism. The thought never strays far from their minds as they go about their day’s work.

They bring the plane out of the clouds to land on a bumpy bush airstrip. In less than 15 minutes, the pair unload medical supplies and food for relief workers and get back in the air.

Continuing their conversation about fighting terrorism, the pilots climb to 12,000 feet and make a course correction to avoid some anti-aircraft weapons. They talk of the hatred they have seen firsthand and how many of the terrorists have been trained since childhood.

“Maybe we should resign from our jobs and sign up with the military again,” one pilot said as he lines up on the next landing strip.

Aid workers at this site radio the plane, telling the pilots to fly over.
They continue on — asking no questions as they watch the workers take cover in bomb shelters carved into the rocky hill.

The next stop comes into view. They pass over to see the new landing strip. Not many planes make it to this area of the country. There aren’t many vehicles, either; the roads are too treacherous and rebel forces constantly clash with government troops.

Another supply drop is pushed out the door. This drop is a little different: New Bibles are pushed out with the food supplies. This is the first time Bibles have been to this particular area. It is the first time many people in this area will read God’s Word in their own language. Many will hear of God’s love tonight.

The pilots climb back to safety at 12,000 feet and smile. Not because they are finally out of range for guns to shoot them down, but because they know the answer to fighting terrorism.

“The real war on terrorism won’t be accomplished by military strikes,” one of the pilots says. “The stuff which is happening on the ground will be what changes everything. God’s Word is what will have the lasting effect as He reaches His people village by village.”

With an empty cargo bay, the plane turns back toward the airport. Tomorrow will be another busy day — another chance to change hearts by bringing
God’s Word to remote places.