Daniel Darling

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FIRST-PERSON: Forgetting Christmas – from obstacle to opportunity

With hymns blaring in our favorite coffee shops and retail stores and major television networks replaying “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” you would think most everyone who walks into our churches during Advent season would understand the basic contours of the Christmas story. And yet you’d be surprised to know there is a sizable percentage in […]

FIRST-PERSON: If you’ve got Jesus in your profile, don’t be nasty on your timeline

As we muddle through the coming election season and a global pandemic that has divided Americans, Christians will be more tempted than ever to abandon civility, Dan Darling says.

FIRST-PERSON: Christians can’t duck controversy

The flap over "Duck Dynasty" late last year evidences "the continuing shift in American culture toward a post-Christian age when true followers of Jesus no longer will be affirmed for their beliefs," writes Daniel Darling of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

Living on the Grace Side of Abortion

Every day, two thousand women wake up with an unplanned pregnancy, according to Care Net, a pro-life Christian ministry that seeks to educate and inform pregnant women about their legal options. Many of these women are young, vulnerable, confused, afraid, and often ashamed. Meeting women at this point of need is where Christians have the opportunity to live out the grace they have been given and help shepherd these women toward good choices, good parenting, and ultimately, peace with God through Christ. Sunday, January 19, is three days before the forty-first anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision of the US Supreme Court that made abortion the law of the land. It is a day to mourn the deaths of more than fifty-one million innocent children, killed before they ever had a chance to experience life outside their mothers' wombs. It is the day set aside by thousands of churches as Sanctity of Life Sunday.