Chris Martin

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5 Bible Study Supplies to Enhance Your Bible Study

Let’s face it: studying the Bible can be intimidating, especially if you aren’t very familiar with the Bible or you haven’t read it much. But studying the Bible is a worthwhile effort, even if you need to spend some time reflecting on why you’re studying the Bible to begin with! Christians find plenty of reasons to not study their Bibles, but if you take some intentional steps, you can make the most of your Bible study.

3 Practical Ways to Encourage Friendship in Your Church

Friendship for the Christian is about far more than just enjoying shared experiences with peers who share similar interests. Community is—or at least should be—central in the life of the Christian. A life devoted to a relentless pursuit of Christlikeness and service to others should not be lived in isolation from like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ.

Preaching Is Not a Performance

More than anywhere else, pastors and church leaders feel the pressure to entertain in the pulpit, which is, ironically, often atop a stage.

FIRST-PERSON: How the social internet is making our teenagers anxious

Do you remember what it felt like to walk the hallways of high school between classes or sit at the lunch table?

FIRST-PERSON: Why cancel culture cannot deliver on its promises

Cancel culture bears the fruit of vengeance more than it bears the fruit of justice. Why? Because in order for justice to be achieved by rallying a mob of angry onlookers on the internet, the “cancelee,” if you will, has to have actually committed an act of injustice that needs to be reconciled.

FIRST-PERSON: The evaporation of empathy

A major consequence of the fact that the majority of us live on the internet is ever-increasing polarization. All kinds of ingredients have melded together to create the white-hot polarization so many of us feel, and one of the most prominent of those ingredients is the evaporation of empathy.

FIRST-PERSON: How do we calculate church attendance on social media?

It is safe to say pastors and churches are more grateful for social media than they have ever been, Chris Martin says. Martin helps church leaders know how to measure their social media audience accurately.

FIRST-PERSON: The perfect time to learn and experiment in social media

Since more people than ever are relying on social media to connect with each other, Chris Martin says now is the time for churches try something new and "see what sticks."

FIRST-PERSON: 3 ways Facebook can be extention of church’s ministry

Social media manager Chris Martin outlines three ways churches can use Facebook to extend the ministry it is already doing in its community.

FIRST-PERSON: 3 common mistakes churches should avoid on social media

Churches should use social media to add an online extension of their in-person, incarnational ministry -- never as a substitute for it, says LifeWay social media manager Chris Martin.